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BEING A PARENT AT UW – a university-wide research study of the needs of parents at the university

We are pleased to announce  the Equality Team of the University of Warsaw together with the Centre for Women’s and Gender Research and the Quality Evaluation Unit (PEJK), has been carried out a study of parents’ needs at the University of Warsaw.

Parenthood presents challenges in reconciling caring responsibilities with work and studies. Therefore, the aim of our activities is to identify the needs and difficulties of parents working and studying at the University of Warsaw. We also want to know the opinion of the respondents and their ideas and solutions that will make it easier to combine family responsibilities with work and studies at the University of Warsaw.

The research study will cover both students, PhD students, as well as people working in research, teaching and in administration and other non-academic positions at the University.

The study consists of group interviews (carried out in the academic year 2022/2023) and a university-wide survey (November/December 2023), as well as an analysis of documents, practices and activities undertaken by units in the area of ​​support for parents and people with care obligations (document available in Polish WLB desk research FIN).

The study will include an analysis of, among others:

  • experiences of barriers and difficulties in combining professional and student life with family life,
  • organizational culture and atmosphere around parenthood at the university,
  • ideas and good practices in the area of improving combining family obligations with work/study,
  • the regulations and practices in force at the University of Warsaw units regarding the reconciliation of professional and family life.

The overarching goal of the study is to support parents and increase the visibility of caring responsibilities. Therefore, the conclusion of the research will be the preparation of recommendations that will respond to the problems and needs signalled in the study, and will also indicate practical and necessary activities in the area of ​​work-life balance that will be possible to implement at the University of Warsaw.

The survey applies to both parents and people without children. It is available in Polish and English. A link to the survey sent by e-mail is be available via the USOS account.

The survey is active from Monday, November 6 at 2:00 p.m. to Monday, December 4 at 11:59 p.m.

Below you can find a letter from the Rector of the University of Warsaw encouraging you to take part in the research study

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I cordially encourage all members of our university community to take part in the university-wide survey “Being a parent at the UW” addressed to persons working and studying at the UW. The study is conducted by the Equality Team UW in cooperation with PEJK and the Centre for Women’s and Gender Research.

The aim of the study is to collect your experiences, opinions and expectations regarding support for parents at the UW. The result of the study will be the creation of recommendations and the implementation of specific solutions that will help in reconciliation of work, family and private life. The survey is addressed to both parents and non-parents.

Understanding your needs and expectations will help us take effective actions aimed at strengthening professional and parental opportunities, and will also contribute to making the UW a friendly place that responds to the needs of its community and supports the work-life balance policy.

Your voice is of great importance, so I once again encourage you to participate in the survey.

prof. dr hab. Alojzy Z. Nowak 

Rector of the UW